Burning Experiments

Over the next 4 days students are conducting experiments to arrive at an answer to the question: “What happens when things burn?” In answering this question students must make 4 observations before burning their materials, 4 during the burning process, and 4 after they have burned the material. Observations of mass before and after burning must be included. At least 4 substances must be burned including paper and steel.

Please click here for the grading rubric for this laboratory investigation.

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Moon Journal Assignment

For the next month, students will record observations of the Moon’s position every night. They should record the following observations in their journal:

  • The Moon’s elevation
  • The Moon’s position east or west of due south in degrees.
  • A sketch of the Moon’s position and appearance on that night.

The “One Minute Astronomer” website offers some clear instructions on how to use your hand held at arm length to measure angles in the sky in degrees.

Measurements should begin September 12 and end October 12.

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Are We Alone: The Drake Equation

During the first couple of days of class, students raised the question: “Are we alone? Are there really aliens?”

To investigate this question we will examine something called the Drake equation, and investigate the values of the variables it contains.

Students divided into groups and each group was responsible for investigating one of the variables in the Drake equation, and reporting back to the class on:

  1. What the meaning of the variable was.
  2. What their best estimate for the variable’s value was.
  3. Why this variable was important in determining if the galaxy contains other intelligent civilizations.

Click here for the Drake equation powerpoint presentation.

Click here for the project grading rubric.

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Laboratory Safety Expectations

Our classroom is far more than a simple room filled with desks. It is an active and functioning scientific laboratory. Thus, certain safety regulations are in place to protect the safety of all of the members of our classroom.

Please click here for a copy of the laboratory safety contract all individuals present in our classroom have agreed to. If you have not submitted a signed safety contract please see Mr. Hartmann to do so immediately.

Click here for a copy of the laboratory safety quiz.

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Class Expectations

Click here for a copy of┬áthe class expectations developed by students for all of my classes. Students will be expected to adhere to these expectations that they have established for themselves, and will be assessed on maintaining these expectations. Grades related to this aspect of student performance can be found listed each quarter as: “class conduct” in the school’s online grading system.

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